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“Gentle presence inside the house”


What is undyed+?


undyed+ was born in 2010 as a brand of hand-woven rugs, hand-made felt and other lifestyle products.


Andide is undyed.

Copying the goodness of natural fibers,

It has a soft feel and a timeless taste.

Undyed, with the same natural colors that make you feel at ease.

undyed+ is fascinated by the undyed texture and texture,

It started with a focus on rugs with original designs.

We also make handmade felt using wool.

Felt is not only a soft material, but also a rich material.The expression

The great thing about it is that you can do it.


From fall 2020, we will be proposing manufacturing and introducing unique and carefully selected materials.

<Main products>

●Original products: Hand-woven rugs/handmade felt/jacquard weave/woven blankets, etc.


<At the store>

●Selected items: Oriental ~ Asian antique textiles

We are fascinated by unique and undyed objects that have been imbued with the unique culture of each region, and that have become even more profound over the years, and we will also introduce their stories. I collect beautiful things while thinking about the people who lived there and their dreams.


●Selected products

Handicrafts made from natural materials. Natural materials (thread, cloth, felt materials, paper, etc.)


Company Profile

Company name: Takehara Ltd. Trade name: undyed+ (Undyed Plus)

Address: 9-27-101 Kudegaya-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture 662-0077

Contact information Tel. (0798)72-2310 Fax. (0798)78-5722


Established April 1989

HistoryIn 1989, he opened artcore, a store specializing in antique rugs and textiles, in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Introducing carefully selected products as the pioneers of antique rugs and kilims.

In 2005, due to the soaring price of kilim, etc., "artcore" was temporarily closed.

after that,We are seeking to provide something that can be easily enjoyed for a long time in daily life.

I encountered the simple colors of Tibetan wool in Nepal,Hand-woven Tibetan rugs from natural fibers with original designs made in Nepal.

In 2010, the brand ``undyed+'' was born, which takes advantage of the natural colors of natural fibers (undyed).

In 2014, “undyed+”Open a store. Following rugs, we are expanding our range of products to include felt production and other products.

Business content: Manufacture and sale of rugs. Production and sales of felt products. Manufacture and sale of miscellaneous goods, etc. Import and export sales of antique old textiles.

​Permit secondhand goods dealer license number 631312100031

Representative Shoko Takehara

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